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The Across the Hills Newsletter


The Baronial newsletter, Across the Hills is published 6 times a year. Once a year we publish our Domesday Book, a listing of all Baronial members.

You can view the submission informaion page for the Domessay Book here.

Fancy a subscription?

The newsletter is free by electronic subscription. Simply email your mundane name, SCA name, and email to the Chronicler. We also post the newsletter in the file section of the Yahoo group each month.

You can also download back issues by following the links below.

We are always looking for artwork and articles!

Issues Past:

July/August 2010

May/June 2010

We are looking for past issues of the Across The Hills to post on the site. If you have any copies you would care to see listed, please forward them to the Chronicler for submission.

You can view previous issues here.

Business Meeting Minutes
can be found here.

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